Ways in which sewing is helping your mental health

Sewing is one of those things that has a tremendous effect on us, without us even knowing it. It is an amazing way to balance your mental health, a way to keep control when everything seems to be going out of hand.

In today’s fast-moving high-pressure world there is no lack of mental health issues. Some of us have that even we don’t know about. I have seen people who live in a trance of work and parties. They think that is their life but they have serious issues. So where does sewing come into all of this? I can give you a few reasons how sewing can help your mental health or sewing helps depression.

1. Gives time to yourself

Having time to yourself is great. It gives us an opportunity to think about our lives and decisions. Also this “me time” may be the only time you can truly relax.

But do you get time to yourself anymore? I don’t think so. We are always surrounded by something. There is no time to focus anymore. According to a lot of studies, the human attention span is decreasing tremendously per every ten years. So sewing is something that requires your attention, but once you get the hang of it you get the time all back to yourself, away from all the distractions.

2. Taking time away from media devices

Even if you like it or not smart devices have become an essential part of our day to day life. At any given time you will surely be accompanied by one of these devices, or even more, you will be using one of these devices. So why do you need a time out from all this?. Smart devices are great they help us make our lives better, they ease a lot of tasks. But they do something really wrong in between this.

They are always feeding us with thoughts that are not ours. They are pushing random not useful things into our minds. Social media and all of these other distractions make us think they are making us happy. But in reality, they are showing us the filtered happiness of others and making us think you don’t have anything.

So you need a time away from all these. To clear your senses, to be free from all the distractions, to think about things other than what the media tell you to and ultimately to be really happy and sewing perfect for that.

3. Feeling like you’ve accomplished something

Accomplishing something always feels great, right? Yes, that is what it does. Doing something good always makes us feel happy. Even if it is at work or while having fun.

Sewing can give you just that feeling of accomplishment. It is all about completing something. While sewing, you are always working towards something. Even the smallest of achievements feels amazing. The feeling that you can’t achieve anything is a part of depression. So sewing helps depression. Just think about it making something to use on your own, why wouldn’t that feel great? You are always achieving something. Think about how happy you will be when wearing something that you sew. Go buy yourself a sewing machine after reading some of the top rated sewing machine reviews from TeachYouToSew.com and start your sewing adventure today!

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