How to learn to sew when you have depression

Depression can make you stuck. It will make you hopeless, paralyzed and stuck. It affects your ability to study and make progress at stuff. Depression is a really hard experience and fending off bad thoughts can be really hard. And it will be hard for you to get understood when you have depression.

You may not be sure about if you have depression or not. There are obvious signs of depression. You just have to look for it. Persistent feelings of sadness. The first and foremost change is in appetite. You really won’t need anything. You will feel that eating doesn’t really matter and you will mostly be never hungry. Sleep will change, means you won’t be sleeping much. You will just be staring at your bedroom wall and just be nodding off when you are too tired to stay awake. You will begin to despise things you have loved for ages, that may be skating, dance or one of your hobbies. You could have sworn you love them but don’t love it anymore. Suicide thoughts are the most common sign of depression. You will feel like nothing matters in the world anymore and there is no point to even living. Thinking others will be better off without you is an extension of these suicidal thoughts. You will feel like you are always making thing worse and others should n’t carry the burden that is you. Sex may despise you if you are depressed. Even porn may not. be able to excite you. And you will always be tired. That’s one thing about depression, you will always be tired.

If you have some of these signs, make sure that you see a doctor and get help.

Sewing is a great way to get over your depression. Sewing helps depression by helping you forget about it. Depression doesn’t affect your ability to learn. But it will be really hard to start up a new hobby, so you can try.

Always start small, from something you can do. There are always tutorials for basic stuff all around youtube and other websites. If you try complex stuff, in the beginning, you may fail and further push you into depression.

Always start with personal loving things. It should be small, simple and most importantly you should have fun making it. Try to make something for your loved ones, so seeing them use it can be really therapeutic.

Working with your hand is relaxing. And it is a reminder that you are capable of doing things. Depression is capable of pushing you into a state where nothing you say or do will be good enough for you. But sewing can be a lifesaver here. Sewing helps depression and it can be the first step of your new life. Understanding that you are capable of doing things and more than doing them right can make a huge difference. Being capable and knowing that you are capable is the first step to recovery.

Beginners can learn from others a lot. And being a part of a community will help you heal. This sense of belonging is really amazing and the wonders it can work is a lot.

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