How sewing help overcome depression

In a research conducted by WHO, it was found that more than 350 million people around the globe are the victim of the commonly spread mental agony known as Depression. Even though there is no chance for you to get depressed you still can. Women are known to be affected by depression more than men. Your socioeconomic status doesn’t matter for depression. Knowing that anyone can get depressed is a good thing. Since that allows us to combat it better.

Mental health is an enigma we are still to understand completely. Fighting depression can be hard but sewing seems to have such a positive impact on depressed minds.

Taking your mind off everything else

A depressed mind has a loop of negative thoughts. So breaking out of these thoughts are really important that is where sewing comes in. An engaging hobby can help you forget all about your issues, all the debts, family issues, loss of a loved one goes back into the background when you are engaged. Even if the problems don’t go away relaxing helps us better cope with them. That means that sewing helps depression, more specifically it helps cure it.

A person can regain their ability to regain focus on day to day activities by an engaging hobby like sewing. The brain of a depressed person is often in a state the scientists like to call the offline brain. Nothing excites them and they don’t like to do anything.

Hobbies like sewing are all about small victories. Just think about the happiness you feel when a sewing project is completed. These victories can mean a lot to a depressed person. It will be even more fulfilling to see someone wear the product of their work. Just think about it yourself, how happy you will be when you see someone wear something you made.

This effect is essentially doubled for a depressed person. It will be someone appreciating their work and that would mean a lot.

The chemical side of depression and sewing

The reasons behind depression can be different for everyone. It can be trauma, loss of loved ones and so on. But the chemistry behind depression is the same most of the time. Inadequate amounts of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine are said to play an important role in depression. All of these chemicals induce a feeling of well being inside your brain. Its lack pushes people into depression.

Simply being creative can produce dopamine in your brain. Craft projects are really helpful in producing dopamine. Completing different stages of a project successfully can give a sense of achievement.

low self-esteem is one of the traits of depression and the sense of achievement can help them achieve some self-esteem and bounce back to life.

Social connections also help a lot in overcoming depression. A sense of belong to a community of sewers is obviously helpful.

Depression is a real problem with a lot of victims. Sewing can have an amazing effect on depressed people. It can also act as a defensive mechanism against depression. All of us are vulnerable to depression. So having a rewarding hobby like sewing can be a great defence against it. Saying sewing helps depression wouldn’t be too much.

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