How mental health institutions are making use of sewing

Mental health institutions are places people don’t want to go. There lives a group of people who are not able to live in society under common norms. Their mind and memory are often compromised, and they are even a threat to themselves.

Treatments differ from institution to institution. When one institution uses excessive medicine other uses some creative methods. treatment of mental illness has come a long way from using electric shock. Most of the institution now uses medicines and more humane methods. So integration sewing into their treatment methods is a really welcome addition.

So why is sewing used as a treatment for mentally ill patients? What is so special about sewing? Why sewing helps depression?

Creativity and mental health

Creativity and health are obviously related. From a lot of studies, it was proved that creativity helps to maintain mental health. It came into the notice of the researchers that participation in creative tasks lead to an increase in positive emotions, reduced stress response and even an improved immune system.

Also, creative activities can get us into a hyper-focus state called flow. This is essentially a state of hyper-focus where you lose track of time and place. Your only focus will be on the present moment. Every one of us should have had such an experience. It gives us a peace and mindfulness. This state can work miracles on a mentally ill patient. If they are able to achieve such a state it can be the path to healing. That is why doctors often try to engage patients in creative activities such as sewing, and it is known to work miracles.

For an average person, most of their thoughts are just echoes of thoughts that came before. Such patterns are hard for a mentally ill patient. Creativity helps to break out of these patterns and breaking out of these patterns is important for a mentally ill patient. So ultimately sewing helps depression.

The antidepressant

Creativity can be the cure for not only patients will big mental illness, but also patients who are suffering from smaller conditions such as depression. Sewing specifically is known for helping patients get out of depression.

Depression is an endless void of negative thoughts. So, feeling good about yourself is key to recovery. There is no better way to feel good about yourself than sewing. Sewing can be that something else other than negative thoughts come to your brain. By continuously engaging in creative activities you can stop your brain from having negative thoughts. In my experience, this can become the beginning of your healing. Showing passion and gratitude is key to healing.

Finally, there is a lot of research going on regarding the ability of creative tasks to generate the feeling of belonging or social connectivity. Belonging to a community of sewers can help you have a better understanding of the craft and also it can become the sense belonging which can not only prevent depression but also can be a key element of recovery.

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