Ways in which sewing is helping your mental health

Sewing is one of those things that has a tremendous effect on us, without us even knowing it. It is an amazing way to balance your mental health, a way to keep control when everything seems to be going out of hand.

In today’s fast-moving high-pressure world there is no lack of mental health issues. Some of us have that even we don’t know about. I have seen people who live in a trance of work and parties. They think that is their life but they have serious issues. So where does sewing come into all of this? I can give you a few reasons how sewing can help your mental health or sewing helps depression.

1. Gives time to yourself

Having time to yourself is great. It gives us an opportunity to think about our lives and decisions. Also this “me time” may be the only time you can truly relax.

But do you get time to yourself anymore? I don’t think so. We are always surrounded by something. There is no time to focus anymore. According to a lot of studies, the human attention span is decreasing tremendously per every ten years. So sewing is something that requires your attention, but once you get the hang of it you get the time all back to yourself, away from all the distractions.

2. Taking time away from media devices

Even if you like it or not smart devices have become an essential part of our day to day life. At any given time you will surely be accompanied by one of these devices, or even more, you will be using one of these devices. So why do you need a time out from all this?. Smart devices are great they help us make our lives better, they ease a lot of tasks. But they do something really wrong in between this.

They are always feeding us with thoughts that are not ours. They are pushing random not useful things into our minds. Social media and all of these other distractions make us think they are making us happy. But in reality, they are showing us the filtered happiness of others and making us think you don’t have anything.

So you need a time away from all these. To clear your senses, to be free from all the distractions, to think about things other than what the media tell you to and ultimately to be really happy and sewing perfect for that.

3. Feeling like you’ve accomplished something

Accomplishing something always feels great, right? Yes, that is what it does. Doing something good always makes us feel happy. Even if it is at work or while having fun.

Sewing can give you just that feeling of accomplishment. It is all about completing something. While sewing, you are always working towards something. Even the smallest of achievements feels amazing. The feeling that you can’t achieve anything is a part of depression. So sewing helps depression. Just think about it making something to use on your own, why wouldn’t that feel great? You are always achieving something. Think about how happy you will be when wearing something that you sew. Go buy yourself a sewing machine after reading some of the top rated sewing machine reviews from TeachYouToSew.com and start your sewing adventure today!

How to turn around your life with sewing, when you have depression

So you are depressed. You don’t love anything. You hate that you are living and believes you are a burden for everyone else. Also, suicidal thoughts are a common thing. But still, you know all of this is not real. It is your depression talking. You know this since you are talking to a doctor and is on some antidepressants. Somewhere inside there is a hope. A hope that you can turn this life around and do some good. But you have lost your job and still have not been able to control the depression.

So what will you do? What is your hope now?

Sewing, even though it sounds silly it can be the perfect solution for you. Sewing is known to have therapeutical results on depressed people. That means learning sewing helps depression. Let us take a look at how it happens.

Depressed people are known to be in a loop of negative thoughts and hobbies are one of the best ways to get out of this loop. So why is sewing the best hobby to go with? First, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and teaches you to celebrate small victories. With sewing, you are always completing small steps in the process and finishing each step will give you a sense of accomplishment. This can be a key in fighting depression. Depression kicks you where it actually hurts, your pride. If you have depression, you are most likely to question your worthiness. It makes you think that you are worthless. But the sense of accomplishment can be that glimmer of hope in you. As soon as you understand that you can do things, the depression slowly goes away.

The next point is common with most of the creative hobbies. So when you are thinking creatively it means you are focusing on that particular instance with nothing about the future. That means sewing will help you tune out that noise of negative thoughts. Being able to fend off negative thoughts, even for some time can have a real impact. By tuning out the negative thoughts, sewing helps depression.

Getting over your depression is not only the aim here. You should be able to turn your life around. Clothing is the biggest it ever had been right now. More and more people are getting conscious about their dresses today. And this is obviously selling more dresses. Really learning sewing is not a child’s play. It will take time and it will take effort. But if you are willing to put in the time and effort there will a chance for you after all.

So what does it takes, you learn sewing? Along the way, you join some groups, got to some meetups and actually meet some people. This will really help your depression too but there is something else important too. You can meet people who can not only help you learn but to make money with this hobby. The clothing industry is not at all controlled by the giants so if you get good and try enough, you can make a decent living.

How to learn to sew when you have depression

Depression can make you stuck. It will make you hopeless, paralyzed and stuck. It affects your ability to study and make progress at stuff. Depression is a really hard experience and fending off bad thoughts can be really hard. And it will be hard for you to get understood when you have depression.

You may not be sure about if you have depression or not. There are obvious signs of depression. You just have to look for it. Persistent feelings of sadness. The first and foremost change is in appetite. You really won’t need anything. You will feel that eating doesn’t really matter and you will mostly be never hungry. Sleep will change, means you won’t be sleeping much. You will just be staring at your bedroom wall and just be nodding off when you are too tired to stay awake. You will begin to despise things you have loved for ages, that may be skating, dance or one of your hobbies. You could have sworn you love them but don’t love it anymore. Suicide thoughts are the most common sign of depression. You will feel like nothing matters in the world anymore and there is no point to even living. Thinking others will be better off without you is an extension of these suicidal thoughts. You will feel like you are always making thing worse and others should n’t carry the burden that is you. Sex may despise you if you are depressed. Even porn may not. be able to excite you. And you will always be tired. That’s one thing about depression, you will always be tired.

If you have some of these signs, make sure that you see a doctor and get help.

Sewing is a great way to get over your depression. Sewing helps depression by helping you forget about it. Depression doesn’t affect your ability to learn. But it will be really hard to start up a new hobby, so you can try.

Always start small, from something you can do. There are always tutorials for basic stuff all around youtube and other websites. If you try complex stuff, in the beginning, you may fail and further push you into depression.

Always start with personal loving things. It should be small, simple and most importantly you should have fun making it. Try to make something for your loved ones, so seeing them use it can be really therapeutic.

Working with your hand is relaxing. And it is a reminder that you are capable of doing things. Depression is capable of pushing you into a state where nothing you say or do will be good enough for you. But sewing can be a lifesaver here. Sewing helps depression and it can be the first step of your new life. Understanding that you are capable of doing things and more than doing them right can make a huge difference. Being capable and knowing that you are capable is the first step to recovery.

Beginners can learn from others a lot. And being a part of a community will help you heal. This sense of belonging is really amazing and the wonders it can work is a lot.

How sewing help overcome depression

In a research conducted by WHO, it was found that more than 350 million people around the globe are the victim of the commonly spread mental agony known as Depression. Even though there is no chance for you to get depressed you still can. Women are known to be affected by depression more than men. Your socioeconomic status doesn’t matter for depression. Knowing that anyone can get depressed is a good thing. Since that allows us to combat it better.

Mental health is an enigma we are still to understand completely. Fighting depression can be hard but sewing seems to have such a positive impact on depressed minds.

Taking your mind off everything else

A depressed mind has a loop of negative thoughts. So breaking out of these thoughts are really important that is where sewing comes in. An engaging hobby can help you forget all about your issues, all the debts, family issues, loss of a loved one goes back into the background when you are engaged. Even if the problems don’t go away relaxing helps us better cope with them. That means that sewing helps depression, more specifically it helps cure it.

A person can regain their ability to regain focus on day to day activities by an engaging hobby like sewing. The brain of a depressed person is often in a state the scientists like to call the offline brain. Nothing excites them and they don’t like to do anything.

Hobbies like sewing are all about small victories. Just think about the happiness you feel when a sewing project is completed. These victories can mean a lot to a depressed person. It will be even more fulfilling to see someone wear the product of their work. Just think about it yourself, how happy you will be when you see someone wear something you made.

This effect is essentially doubled for a depressed person. It will be someone appreciating their work and that would mean a lot.

The chemical side of depression and sewing

The reasons behind depression can be different for everyone. It can be trauma, loss of loved ones and so on. But the chemistry behind depression is the same most of the time. Inadequate amounts of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine are said to play an important role in depression. All of these chemicals induce a feeling of well being inside your brain. Its lack pushes people into depression.

Simply being creative can produce dopamine in your brain. Craft projects are really helpful in producing dopamine. Completing different stages of a project successfully can give a sense of achievement.

low self-esteem is one of the traits of depression and the sense of achievement can help them achieve some self-esteem and bounce back to life.

Social connections also help a lot in overcoming depression. A sense of belong to a community of sewers is obviously helpful.

Depression is a real problem with a lot of victims. Sewing can have an amazing effect on depressed people. It can also act as a defensive mechanism against depression. All of us are vulnerable to depression. So having a rewarding hobby like sewing can be a great defence against it. Saying sewing helps depression wouldn’t be too much.

How mental health institutions are making use of sewing

Mental health institutions are places people don’t want to go. There lives a group of people who are not able to live in society under common norms. Their mind and memory are often compromised, and they are even a threat to themselves.

Treatments differ from institution to institution. When one institution uses excessive medicine other uses some creative methods. treatment of mental illness has come a long way from using electric shock. Most of the institution now uses medicines and more humane methods. So integration sewing into their treatment methods is a really welcome addition.

So why is sewing used as a treatment for mentally ill patients? What is so special about sewing? Why sewing helps depression?

Creativity and mental health

Creativity and health are obviously related. From a lot of studies, it was proved that creativity helps to maintain mental health. It came into the notice of the researchers that participation in creative tasks lead to an increase in positive emotions, reduced stress response and even an improved immune system.

Also, creative activities can get us into a hyper-focus state called flow. This is essentially a state of hyper-focus where you lose track of time and place. Your only focus will be on the present moment. Every one of us should have had such an experience. It gives us a peace and mindfulness. This state can work miracles on a mentally ill patient. If they are able to achieve such a state it can be the path to healing. That is why doctors often try to engage patients in creative activities such as sewing, and it is known to work miracles.

For an average person, most of their thoughts are just echoes of thoughts that came before. Such patterns are hard for a mentally ill patient. Creativity helps to break out of these patterns and breaking out of these patterns is important for a mentally ill patient. So ultimately sewing helps depression.

The antidepressant

Creativity can be the cure for not only patients will big mental illness, but also patients who are suffering from smaller conditions such as depression. Sewing specifically is known for helping patients get out of depression.

Depression is an endless void of negative thoughts. So, feeling good about yourself is key to recovery. There is no better way to feel good about yourself than sewing. Sewing can be that something else other than negative thoughts come to your brain. By continuously engaging in creative activities you can stop your brain from having negative thoughts. In my experience, this can become the beginning of your healing. Showing passion and gratitude is key to healing.

Finally, there is a lot of research going on regarding the ability of creative tasks to generate the feeling of belonging or social connectivity. Belonging to a community of sewers can help you have a better understanding of the craft and also it can become the sense belonging which can not only prevent depression but also can be a key element of recovery.

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